GTA VI Release Update

A new report from gaming analyst “AccNgt” on Twitter claims that Rockstar Games has one goal at the moment: working solely on bringing the newest iteration of the GTA franchise to PS5 and Xbox Series X. Why is this big news? Well it certainly casts a cloud over reports that Bully 2 was on deck and ready for a big release and it’s the closest we’ve come to any legitimate reports on GTA VI being in development.

Rockstar and their parent company, Take-Two, are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to games that haven’t been released yet, never giving us any information when they can help it. And while that adds to the mystique and mystery of upcoming titles, it also creates headaches for those who have been waiting eight years and counting for any information regarding a follow-up from their last title.

We’ve been waiting on this one for so long. So long in fact that GTA has already skipped the PS4 and Xbox One generation. And even now with this new information, we’re still left wondering about a release date. It feels safe to say that 2022 will not be the year, but 2023 definitely seems possible.

In the meantime, GTA Online makes tons of money and gets scores of players, so Rockstar might not feel any pressure to hurry out a new title and replace that.

(All information was provided by The Daily Express)

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