Atsushi Inaba Appointed CEO Of PlatinumGames

Atsushi Inaba has been appointed CEO of PlatinumGames, following the resignation of former CEO, Kenichi Sato, in December of last year. Sato, who served as President and CEO for over five years, will remain on the board as an advisor. Inaba, now CEO, will also retain his second title as Studio Head.

“Approaching ‘fun’ with complete sincerity has always been important to me,” wrote Inaba. “I believe every one of our staff take pride that they are entertainers, always attempting the perfect balance between play and professionalism. Creating a new, enjoyable game starts with the creator being able to enjoy the game themselves. The creator then has to continually build on their idea until they have something that communicates that sense of fun to anyone who experiences it—that consideration of the user makes all the difference. Our overarching goal for entering self-publishing has been unchanged since its conception: to invent something new and share it with the rest of the world—showing our sincerity towards creation every step of the way.”

Inaba is one of the original founders of PlatinumGames, with two others who all came from Capcom’s Clover Studio after it closed its doors in 2007. While at Clover, the three men worked closely together developing popular Capcom franchises including Resident EvilDevil May CryViewtiful Joe, and Ōkami.

(All information was provided by Gematsu and Wikipedia)

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