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ValkyRae Stops Streaming On YouTube

On January 14th, the world-famous streamer Rachell “ValkyRae” Hoffstetter announced she would be stepping away from streaming on YouTube. A timetable for ValkyRae’s return to the platform has not yet been announced.

“I think I should take a break anyways, I mean it’s a new year,” Hofstetter said. “You need to diversify yourself onto other platforms.”

ValkyRae explained that this decision does not mean she will be giving up streaming permanently. Hofstetter has not specifically said that she is seeking a new contract with another live streaming platform at this time.

The Profit‘s Take:

ValkyRae did mention her difficulties with streaming on YouTube in the past. So, I guess she clearly decided not to renew her deal with the platform. It was obvious she was unhappy. You know ValkyRae is walking away from a lot of money. It’s just not clear if this is a negotiation tactic or a genuine break.

(All information was provided by EssentiallySports and YouTube)

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