Xboxes And PlayStations Are Going To Become Wallets, Says Gallant Token CEO

According to Steven Walters, the founder of Gallant Token, it’s no wonder play-to-earn games have such a huge following. The ability to earn real-world value by playing a blockchain game is luring people into the market for the simple reason that value can be earned by having fun, he says. He also adds that, with the addition of NFTs, you are not only earning money for your time, “but you are also gaining an asset.” 

Walters also says that regular gaming could go the way of the dinosaur due to the play-to-earn gaming model. After all, there are opportunities for parents to create a wallet and allow their children or teenagers to play these games in the future, which would give them the opportunity to do things they couldn’t do after playing Xbox or PlayStation. For example, they could earn money to spend on real-world items, save for college, or save for the future.

“So we’re then able to look at the wallet holders,” said Walters. “We can take and airdrop them the assets for the games. And then these assets can then be put into a marketplace, such as like OpenSea. You buy these items just like you would in any marketplace online, whether it’s groceries or anything. It’s just these happen to be on the blockchain where it’s visible, such as the transactions, and easy to maintain and manage because everything’s visible on the blockchain.”

Ultimately, play-to-earn gaming is more than a new twist on traditional gaming, it’s a way to earn money doing something you love. It seems like more play-to-earn games will be working their way to the market in the near future, as well as more sophisticated products, which will only attract more investment.

(All information was provided by Forbes and Yahoo! News)

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