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Cheems Inu To Launch MemeTools And Metaverse Game

Cheems Inu coin is set to launch their MemeTools and a metaverse game in the coming months. The cryptocurrency, which hit the Binance Smart Chain last month, has hit an all-time high with a $60 million market cap and over 40,000 individual holders. The Cheems Inu team is aiming to combine the fun of a meme token with utility and function to create a revolutionary crypto project. Their vision is to inspire and educate their base about blockchain technology while creating wealth and liquidity for the new generation of investors.

To execute this plan, they’ve created MemeTools, a universal hub for meme token listings, charts, and educational material. Later in the year, a swap functionality, called CheemSwap, will be added.

In addition, Cheems Inu is working on a metaverse game called Metapolis. This play-to-earn game will take place in a huge open-world virtual city, where users will compete to accumulate property, wealth, and fame. Cheems Inu holders will control the “downtown” area of Metapolis, and land sales (in the form of Cheemsburger Business Licenses) have now begun. As of this writing, 26% of the spots were sold within ten hours of being available.

The Cheemsburger Licenses will offer passive income to anyone holding one. Furthermore, the license gives them a lease in a building in-game and a chance to make more money in the metaverse. Businesses will be offered support setting up and with integration into online and real-world markets. All business services and products will exist in the form of liquidized NFTs, meaning users can always sell them, even when there is no direct buyer. This is part of a revolutionary economic system being developed in partnership with other teams in Metapolis.

MemeTools and CheemSwap will have physical locations in the metaverse where users can interact with them in virtual reality. Their use will be integral to success in the Metapolis ecosystem and bring further exposure and token burn to Cheems Inu. This is not only a game but an engine designed to bring wealth to those who master it.

(All information was provided by Yahoo!)

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