Dr Disrespect Says He Wants To Make The Most Dominant Video Game

Dr Disrespect is one of the most passionate gamers in the whole world. So, when he starts talking about making his own video game, one can’t help but perk up their ears. In one of his recent Warzone streams, the Doc expressed a desire to use his brand new AAA gaming studio, Midnight Society, to make “the most dominant video game…in modern-day technology.” His new interest in making video games goes beyond just being great. He wants it to legitimately change the esports industry.

“There’s literally no esports organizations that are making real money,” said Dr Disrespect. “I mean literally. Maybe high investments into the company but they’re not making any money, like their profitability. It’s…I mean they’re not…they’re just gonna have to keep on investing. In another three years, hopefully, you get another round and another round and another round. Because they’re not building any legacy businesses around the organizations like what we’re doing, champs… Like just wait till Midnight Society really starts rolling out. That’s a legitimate legacy business, okay”

It looks like the Doc is very optimistic about his studio and has high expectations for the games it will produce. The same can be said for the fans, as they too expect nothing but greatness from the “Two Time.”

(All information was provided by EssentiallySports)

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