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MOHX Studio Launches Augmented Reality Game

A new augmented reality gaming experience was recently launched by MOHX Studio called Soul Summoner. This AR game allows users to hunt for virtual monsters in real life while playing with friends either remotely or in person.

“We didn’t start out to create a video game at all,” said Chief Operations Manager Gene Walsh. “We started out because we saw augmented reality being the future, but the best way to show this tech and have others test it out is through video games.”

With supported mobile devices, users can walk around and participate in several activities and adventures. This includes finding and fighting monsters, whether it be alone or with friends.

Soul Summoner is an augmented reality gaming application that is now available to download on iPhone and Android devices. Updates are being made to the experience that will create higher-definition avatars that appear right in front of you while playing.

(All information was provided by Volume One)

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