Is Anbernic Developing A Windows Handheld Gaming PC?

Chinese company Anbernic makes handheld gaming devices, most of which are powered by Android or Linux software and designed for retro gaming. But, a recent patent filing seems to indicate that the company may be developing its first handheld gaming PC that runs on Windows. That could make the new device an option for gamers looking to play modern PC games.

Anbernic hasn’t officially announced the new Windows handheld. All we have to go by is a set of pictures included in the recent patent application. Like many handheld gaming consoles, it has a display surrounded by dual analog sticks, a D-Pad, action buttons, start and select keys, and four shoulder triggers. There’s also a home key on one side, and a Windows key on the other, which will likely function as a Start Key.

On the left side of the device, there’s a switch that lets you toggle between game controller and mouse modes, a feature we’ve seen on some other Windows-powered handhelds, which makes Windows a little easier to navigate on devices without a mouse or physical keyboard. This will most likely let you move a cursor with an analog stick while using action buttons for left and right-click actions.

Other features appear to include a USB Type-A port, what may be a USB Type-C port, stereo speakers, and a 3.5mm headphone jack as well as what looks like a microphone. There’s no word on the specs or pricing, but it seems like a safe bet that a Windows-powered handheld will have a more expensive processor than most of Anbernic’s systems to date, which will drive up the price tag accordingly. Most of the company’s current devices sell for between $50 and $250, but this one will surely be higher.

(All information was provided by Liliputing)

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