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N3twork Platform Acquired By Blockchain Giant Forte

The blockchain gaming company Forte recently announced it had acquired the N3twork platform in order to accelerate the growth of games. As a result of this deal, the games division of N3twork will now become a brand new, independent studio.

N3twork will be split into two parts. Forte will take control of N3twork’s technology to produce more games. Meanwhile, N3twork Games will be rebranded into a new company that will be known as N3twork Studios.

“We have an end-to-end to end platform that makes it easy for game developers to leverage blockchain technology to introduce player-to-player economies, interoperate across various blockchains, and use the blockchain ecosystem to tap into the huge market around tokens, globally,” said Josh Williams, the CEO of Forte. “But to really do that the right way, we’re going to see the space evolve, and we’re going to see game economies get more and more complicated. And so having tools to make it easy for developers to not only create those economies but to really scale them, is needed.”

The N3twork platform team will now be integrated into Forte. Additionally, Neil Young, the founder of N3twork, will remain the executive chairman of N3twork Studios while leading Forte’s games industry business unit.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat)

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