YDragon And Chain Games Agree To Partnership

On January 14th, a partnership was announced between the cross-chain index YDragon and Chain Games. This deal will see Chain Games’ native token, CHAIN, integrated into the YDragon gaming index.

“Chain Games is a huge player within the growing metaverse space and the blockchain gaming world,” YDragon said. “Just look at the games and brands they’re already dealing with and you’ll see they mean business! To be able to have such a promising and prestigious project alongside us for the journey is a fantastic position to be in. Crypto is one big community and we’re all here to make it grow!”

Chain Games was founded in 2020. The organization is a web 3.0 blockchain-focused organization that offers state-of-the-art gaming experiences. The company also features a competitive esports tournament platform that has real cash and cryptocurrency-based prizes.

(All information was provided by Yahoo!)

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