Shiro Games Reveals Details And Features Of Dune Spice Wars

Shiro Games’ Dune Spice Wars will be a real-time strategy game with 4X elements based on Frank Herbert’s Dune universe. Recently, Shiro Games disclosed some more features about the title, which plays in real-time but has a pace slower than the typical real-time strategy game. You can also pause and fast forward the game which is set to be released on Steam sometime this year.

In the title, you can explore, control territory, grow the economy, engage in combat, spy on your enemies, and take part in political campaigns. You’ll be able to do base building, constructing buildings in your base of operation (Arrakeen for the Atreides, for example). You can add structures to the base itself, using an interface. You don’t manually place buildings on the ground as the game is at a much larger scale than your typical real-time strategy game.

The maps will be procedurally generated, with different options for size, wind strength, sandworm activity, etc. Deep deserts are used as a kind of blocking feature (like seas in other games), at least until you develop technologies to survive longer in the desert, or build a network of airfields. Maps will also feature unique places that readers of the book will recognize.

The team said the art style is cartoonish and bold in part because creating a game on a desert planet has quite a few challenges, one of which is making sure what you look at for a few hours is not bland, even if it’s just rock and sand.

The team spent time working on the environment and even worked with a geologist specializing in deserts to create things that could exist on such a planet. The stylized art direction comes into play by adding things that bring a variety of colors and shapes so that the environment can stay harsh while not getting boring.

There are no firm plans to supports at this time, but should the developers see enough demand for mod support, they would consider adding it. There are no downloadable content plans at this time. The target platform is the PC.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat)

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