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The Gamiverse Revolutionizes Esports And Blockchain Gaming

Gamiverse is a new emerging cryptocurrency platform powered by Polkadot, Ethereum, and the Binance Smart Chain. It’s an innovative decentralized esports and blockchain competitive gaming platform that connects gamers, organizers, and developers within a single virtual universe. Gamiverse leverages the benefit of blockchain technology to enhance stakes, P2P transactions, host tournaments, and trading of NFTs. They are taking a step further by combining DeFi and NFTs into competitive gaming. The forum allows users to make P2P and direct transactions without centralized institutions.

The Gamiverse is built around two goals/visions which go towards creating a highly engaging and convenient platform for gamers:

  • To create the world’s largest blockchain-powered tournament platform and marketplace for all gamers and immediate stakeholders in the emerging industry of blockchain gaming.
  • To create a decentralized ecosystem with a core platform for gamers, organizers, and developers, based on blockchain technology, which provides a more efficient, convenient, stable, and less risky way to make money. The further development is the Gamiverse Ecosystem. Gamiverse will extend its services further to achieve a self-sufficient ecosystem. 

The ecosystem will further its development into establishing a decentralized esports tournament betting that will provide users with a wide range of fair and engaging competitions to bet on, setting the odds for each competition. It will also support a wide range of game development tools while incentivizing the creation of new games with direct rewards from the community.

Gamiverse provides a boundless way to earn and connect with gamers. The ecosystem is powering gamers worldwide to monetize their skills at all levels through a decentralized network. Their built-in community feature allows gamers, organizers, and developers to engage, organize, and grow an entire universe without the stress and restrictions.

(All information was provided by Digital Journal)

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