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Manny Pacquiao’s Esports Team Forms Partnerships With Web3 Incubator And MetaGoons

Manny Pacquiao’s Team Pacquaio GG announced two partnerships on January 26th, one with Web3 Incubator, and the other with MetaGoons. Both companies will become Team Pacquiao’s exclusive metaverse gaming partners for 2022. The partnership will help fuel Team Pacquiao GG’s plan to educate the gaming audience on the power of blockchain integrated gaming. It will also provide MetaGoons and its community special access to Team Pacquiao GG both within the metaverse and in real life. 

They are also collaborating on content and charity initiatives, alongside the development of a Team Pacquiao GG x MetaGoons non-profit Axie Infinity scholarship program, which will give new income opportunities to talented Filipino gamers. 

In partnering with Team Pacquiao GG, MetaGoons and its community aim to play a transformative role in the mainstream crossover and long-term sustainability of play-to-earn games in the Philippines and beyond. 

“Manny’s ethos of community, competition, and charity, aligns perfectly with our fighter mentality of being rebels of the status quo, always trailblazing the unbeaten path,” said Donnell Wright, CEO and Co-Founder of MetaGoons. “We are incredibly proud to be joining TPGG’s journey whilst supporting Manny’s vision for the future of esports and gaming within the Philippines.”

(All information was provided by ABS-CBN News)

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