Fortnite Community Left Frustrated With Game’s Forced Crossplay

Despite Fortnite’s massive popularity, there are still issues that plague the battle royale game. One of the major problems that have become a hot topic as of late is the skill-based matchmaking and forced crossplay that’s currently in place. Redditors have begun posting videos to show just how necessary it is to have an option to toggle crossplay with other platforms to have a fair and balanced gameplay experience.

One particularly damning clip can be viewed here and the caption below reflects the frustration of the community who feel that PC players have way too much of an advantage. “The game is a complete joke when it comes to fairness, why is it still like this?”

The clip does justice in showing the sheer imbalance between PC players and console players. Playing on a PC comes with a ton of advantages. From better performance to higher speeds to better aim using a keyboard and mouse, the benefits are numerous. Pooling the same users against console players stuck with the comparatively less accurate console sticks seems to cull any enjoyment a console player might have.

Skill-based matchmaking does not make things ideal either. If a player is relaxing and playing while having a good run, their next match automatically requires a higher skill and concentration. In short, in order to not get clobbered, players need to sweat in the later matches. This totally kills the mood someone might have had while picking up the title to unwind. Skill-based matchmaking forces the player to be on their toes. And by playing well, the difficulty keeps increasing, which does not end up being very rewarding.

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