VALORANT Community Wants Replays For Better Competitive Gaming

Replays are imperative in gaming if you wish to improve your skills. This is something the VALORANT community has made quite clear. Replays help players learn from their mistakes and assess how things went wrong or what could have been done better. Besides the competitive advantage this offers, just being able to play a match back where you did really well, is super satisfying too, and allows you to analyze why you did so well. In a Reddit post, gamers made their plea for this feature:

“From the esports side of things, teams would get the analysis tool they deserve with a replay system, instead of having to watch a VOD or a recorded game from a single perspective. From the competitive, ranked ladder side of things, individuals would no longer have to record their games and could also learn from watching the enemies perspective of their own actions. From the casual side of things, that friend who popped off one round and killed the whole enemy team with the bucky could watch it again and again and again.”

“We need replays. It’s a feature present in every popular esport in the market nowaday (CS, LoL, Dota 2, Rocket League, etc…) And with good reason.”

“PS.: I know this has been asked for many times before, but I haven’t seen a post like this for the past month or so.”

Although most of the popular titles nowadays have the ability to do this, one really popular game, VALORANT, is still struggling to get this much-needed feature. According to the post, replays are quite important, especially when it comes to competitive gameplay. Furthermore, when you have certain tools at your disposal, you can become your own coach and improve your gameplay style.

Something worth noting here is that going out of the comfort one and planning out moves beforehand always proves to be an effective strategy.

(All information was provided by EssentiallySports and Reddit)

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