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Cyberclassic Introduces First 3.0 Metaverse Gaming, NFTs, And Staking Platform

Cyberclassic is introducing the first 3.0 metaverse gaming NFTs and staking platform. The project will allow the Cyberclassic community to hold virtual meetings and play RPG games with access to a protocol that utilizes token utility to empower the cyborg metaverse. Through the NFT supply of 7,000 cyborgs, this project aims to make the future a reality.

In Cyberclassic, players fight against each other or the game’s automatic gamer for cyborg NFTs. All Cyberclassic cyborgs are minted and saved as algorithmically created NFT characters in your wallet. When one acquires two members of the same family, they can fuse them to form a more powerful character or the following character of the next level, burning the existing tokens. The platform also doesn’t charge excessive gas fees for minor additions. Gas prices and other transaction expenses are maintained low and are kept fast so that users can focus on their only agenda on the platform: Explore, Collect, Battle, and Earn.

Cyberclassic offers multiple streams of passive income for its users. Cyberclassic has its own utility token $CLASS, which serves as the platform’s and game’s native currency. The first is a play-to-earn gaming model where users can play games to earn tokens. By winning battles and tournaments, players receive $CLASS tokens. The project’s revenue generation model defines the value of the $CLASS token. Furthermore, the project team is working on a PVE game to keep the community entertained. Secondly, users can HODL Cyberclassic NFT. Thirdly, users can stake funds in liquidity pools at Cyberclassic to earn a decent APY.

For the first quarter of 2022, users should expect the integration of NFT minting into the network and a test net for cross-chain launch and key influencers. There is also CEX listing, coinmarketcap, coin market listing, and strategic partnerships. The second quarter of 2022 will have mobile app development, social media integration, and NFT platform deployment on the main net. There will be community attestation, reward on staking NFT platform, and media collaboration for the third quarter. There will also be research and development and an unlocking lottery system.

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