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100 Thieves Launches Collectible Digital Championship Chain

100 Thieves recently entered the non-fungible token space after the company gave away over 300,000 free Polygon NFTs. This item comes in the form of a digitally collectible championship diamond chain that is animated to rotate 360-degree.

100 Thieves unveiled its LCS Championship Chain on February 2nd. Interestingly enough, the organization didn’t use the terms “NFT”, “blockchain”, or “Polygon” in the description. In fact, the only evidence that this is an NFT comes from a quote where the company says that acquiring the virtual chain has the “same carbon impact as sending 2 emails.”

This chain can be obtained by any interested individual. However, you must claim one of the 300,000 digital items before 100 Thieves’ next LCS match, which is scheduled for February 5th at 6:00 PM EST.

The Profit‘s Take:

I have to admit the animation is cool. But, beyond that, there’s nothing special here. Nobody is going to care about this in two weeks. And there’s no scarcity, so it’s not going to have any value.

(All information was provided by 100 Thieves and Decrypt)

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