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LegionFarm Is Aiming To Revolutionize Pay-To-Earn Esports In The NFT Space

LegionFarm is a new community of 5000 active guild masters and pro players of AAA video games, NFT games, and metaverse games. These 5000 players help over 60,000 other gamers via the provision of companionship services, coaching, yield farming, ranking, and more. All participants of this community are ultra-high ranked players and by joining, players can steadily become ultra-high skilled players themselves. 

LegionFarm is aiming to release the true potential of the metaverse by establishing the LF DAO using funds from initial NFT sales and secondary royalties. The LF DAO is tasked with the mission to create one million new jobs within the metaverse by investing in LF Scholarships for Pros in AAA-titles and NFT games. 

LegionFarm began releasing 3000 boxes containing LegionFarm NFTs on January 27th and a further 1000 boxes will be minted for airdrops. Each box contains one randomly chosen NFT from the total 10,000 LF NFT collection. From February 15th, the “Revealing” process begins, using a smart contract to automate this exchange of boxes for an LF NFT. The last and final 6000 boxes will be made available and sold throughout 2022. Of these NFTs 95% are of an Epic quality, while only 5% will be of Legendary quality. 

Holding a LegionFarm NFT allows users to hang out with one another, with pros, and even celebrities inside LF Gaming Heroes Club. NFT holders can have fun, rank up, become better, play them, and hang out in video games together whether its AAA titles or NFT games. With over 5000 pros and celebrities on the roster, LegionFarm ups the ante within the metaverse.

(All information was provided by Cointelegraph)

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