Nielsen And Fnatic Collaborate To Publish The ROI Of Esports Whitepaper

North American measurement and data analytics company Nielsen Sports & Entertainment has collaborated with European esports organization Fnatic to publish The ROI of Esports whitepaper. The study analyzed the ROI of sponsors in esports against four key areas: media exposure and reach, activation and engagement, brand impact, and business impact. According to a press release, The ROI of Esports whitepaper was designed to “ensure that brands and sponsors are better equipped to understand the potential investment returns from engaging with top-tier esports organizations and tournaments.”

Key findings from the report showed that ROI for some of the leading esports organizations in the League of Legends European Championships (LEC) has more than doubled since 2019. Moreover, the whitepaper concluded that the Return on Media Investment (ROMI) for sponsoring esports organizations was higher than that of some high-profile traditional sports events and teams. The report stated that the recent growth of ROI is a result of the maturing ecosystem, a growing audience, and improvements in esports products.

“Esports is evolving. The best esports properties are now 24/7 multi-platform content businesses offering an unrivaled number of opportunities for sponsors to engage with a typically youthful audience that can have higher and more positive engagement rates than traditional sports properties,” said Phelan Hill, Head of Strategy and Consulting at Nielsen Sports and Entertainment. “Esports organizations such as Fnatic that have a strong and organic brand, which affiliate themselves with the biggest esports game titles and offer content opportunities through streamers and content creators, can truly deliver a positive ROI to sponsors.” 

The study also highlighted the growth of esports’ audience at 10-20% per year, with a 69% increase in consumption of live game streaming globally in the last year. Furthermore, the demand for sponsored live streaming audiences across platforms like Twitch increased upwards of 98% since 2020.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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