Turkey Wants To Play A Bigger Role In The Global Gaming Industry

It looks like Turkey wants to further cement its place in the global gaming sector. According to Bilişim Vadisi’s General Manager, Ahmet Serdar İbriahimcioğlu, the country is looking to invest $10 billion into the global gaming industry over the next five years.

“The United States and China get almost half of the cake. We have a volume of $1 billion. We have enough strength to increase it,” he said. “I believe that Turkey will achieve a great level in software exports in five years, and we will reach the targeted numbers in the gaming sector easily,”

The Turkish gaming sector has been exploding over the last 12 months. In 2021, Dream Games achieved unicorn status after securing a $1 billion valuation. And, last month, Spyke Games raised $55 million in a seed funding round.

There is a lot of room for investment and growth in the gaming industry. Drake Star Partners recently said that the global video game market will see over $150 billion in mergers, acquisitions, and deals this year alone.

(All information was provided by, Hurriyet Daily News, and Reuters)

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