Steam Deck Verified Playable List Passes 100 Games

In preparation for the Steam Deck release this month, Valve began putting compatibility categories for games on Steam to say whether or not they would work with the soon-to-be-released device. While Valve expressed confidence that the major PC games would work with the Steam Deck, a team is furiously playing through games so that they can be officially verified.

Although the list isn’t officially available, leaks show that over a hundred games are now fully verified, meaning they will run just fine on the Steam Deck.

New titles recently added to the list include Nier Replicant and Sam & Max Save The World, both fully verified. Regarding unsupported games, there are currently five listed, and most are VR games – so Persona 4 Golden is the only game tested so far that doesn’t work on Steam Deck. However, there are possible workarounds, which include just installing Windows on the handheld.

As for why seemingly only a handful of Steam’s thousands of games have been tested despite compatibility concerns being around for months, these titles are all being thoroughly put through their paces on Steam Deck – which can take a while, obviously. Hopefully, the list will drastically expand as we approach Steam Deck’s release towards the end of the month.

(All information was provided by PCGamesN)

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