Loaded Talent Management Firm Signs Myth

The video game talent management firm Loaded recently announced it had signed Ali “Myth” Kabbani to its roster of content creators. Based upon this agreement, Loaded will aid Myth in the creation of new content while providing him with new partnership opportunities so that he can grow his personal brand.

“Throughout working in this industry I’ve always seen how Loaded has managed their relationships with the people they work with,” Myth told The Hollywood Reporter. “I went to the Fortnite World Cup, and I was there with a lot of talent that was managed by Loaded, and I just really appreciated the personal touch and personal relationship that they always had and made with their talent. Seeing that was something I liked, and it’s what drew me to wanting to sign with them, honestly.”

Ali “Myth” Kabbani is a well-known professional gamer from Michigan that competes in titles like Fortnite and VALORANT. As of this writing, he has over 7.4 million Twitch subscribers.

Loaded is a Los Angeles, California-based gaming firm. CouRage and DrLupo are just some of the other incredibly famous content creators that are currently on the company’s roster.

(All information was provided by LinkedIn, The Hollywood Reporter, Twitch, and Wikipedia)

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