Esports Engine Deploys DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio

Evertz has announced that Esports Engine has deployed its DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio live production replay platform for their major esports broadcasts. Esports Engine is a turnkey gaming solutions company that works with gaming publishers, rightsholders, brands, and teams to provide production, broadcast, tournament, and program designs. By leveraging DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio’s ability to virtually operate in any public or private cloud environment, two replay operators located on-site are able to connect to DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio using the platform’s ultra-low latency, low-bandwidth web interface, and desktop remote control panel to isolate replays and highlights in real-time while feeding that content back into the cloud for production use.

“We used Evertz DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio to provide instant replay in a cloud-only environment,” said Ryan Thompson, Co-Founder and Chief Production Officer of Esports Engine. “The demands of replay systems typically require an onsite operator and in-studio physical equipment to provide high-quality replay capability. This solution put all that capability in the cloud for an easily scalable solution that is there only when you need it, keeping costs for us and our clients under control.”

Using NDI, SRT, RIST, RTMPE, and RTMPS protocols, multiple sources in different formats can be sent to DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio via the cloud, where Esports Engine operational staff (located remotely or on-premises at its Burbank, California or Columbus, Ohio studios) can log in to access feeds, produce live shows, isolate replays, edit highlight packages, and send produced content to a Media Asset Management service or distribution platform in the cloud for playout to content distributions networks. 

BRAVO Studio’s live production replay system simplifies monitoring and scheduling through the integration of Evertz’ MAGNUM unified control and orchestration system. MAGNUM provides scheduling and resource management to initiate the live event workspace and to connect the cloud resources and remote operators into a single cohesive live production.

(All information was provided by TVTechnology)

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