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ASRock Joins The Metaverse, Releases First NFT

ASRock officially joined the metaverse with the issuing of its first NFT, Phantom Gaming EVO, on OpenSea. Phantom Gaming EVO is a piece of crypto art, in this case, short footage of the evolution of the Phantom Gaming logo. ASRock plans to release 100 pieces of Phantom Gaming EVO. The first 30 pieces were sold on January 28th, priced at 0.1 ETH each.

With the step of issuing the NFT to enter the metaverse and serve the community, a part of the revenue of the NFT issued by ASRock will be invested into the “ASRock NFT Fund” project. This is designed to provide opportunities and support to creators, designers, and artists in various fields. Their talents will be revealed and improve career prospects and job satisfaction through this program. Moreover, it encourages people to learn more about the world of PC and gaming.

Anyone interested in owning Phantom Gaming EVO can check out the link here for more details.

(All information was provided by My Startup World)

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