Google Shifting Stadia’s Focus Away From Gaming

Google is reportedly shifting Stadia‘s focus away from cloud gaming. The news first surfaced as a report from Business Insider detailing the downfall of Stadia within the tech giant. According to the outlet, Stadia lead Phil Harrison has been “demoted” to now report only to Google’s VP of subscription services instead of the company’s hardware boss, and the focus of the division has shifted away from cloud gaming to creating other playable experiences such as the recent Peleton collaboration, powered by Google Stream, or what it now calls its Stadia tech.

In response to the report, Google’s team has taken to Twitter to highlight the 100 games added to its service in 2021 and another 50 titles offered to Pro subscribers, but sources question its efficacy.

“There are plenty of people internally who would love to keep it going, so they are working really hard to make sure it doesn’t die,” a source explained. “But they’re not the ones writing the checks.”

While nothing is official yet, these moves do indicate that Stadia’s days as a cloud gaming platform are numbered.

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