Steam Deck Adds Major PS4 And PS5 Games To Roster

Valve’s Steam Deck is coming out at the end of this month, which is very good news for those who have waited and braved all those delays. And, the Steam Deck Verified website has confirmed that some very popular titles will be available and fully playable on the portable gaming device.

The website revealed that Deathloop will be available and fully playable. It’s compatible with the Steam Deck controller, has a legible interface, and performs well with the default graphics options enabled. Other “Steam Verified” games, like Portal 2, Sekiro, Ghostrunner, Dark Souls 3, and Death Stranding have also been confirmed as fully playable, Steam Verified titles.

After Steam Verified, comes “Playable” titles. This means they’ll work on the Steam Deck, albeit with one or two compromises. Those games include Battlefield 5, Factorio, It Takes Two, Inscryption, Madden 22, and Nier Automata. Some of the issues include a lack of external controller support, not being able to exit the game properly, and having to bring up the on-screen keyboard to enter text.

After Steam Verified and Playable, comes the “Unplayable” category. These games won’t work on the Steam Deck for various reasons. These titles include Back 4 Blood, New World, Outriders, The Crew 2, Gears 5, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

(All information was provided by The Daily Express)

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