Motif Esports Disbands Following Sexual Harassment And Racism Allegations From Female VALORANT Team

Motif Esports has disbanded after two members of its all-female VALORANT team, Motif Violet, claimed to have experienced racism and sexual harassment while playing under the organization in VCT Game Changers. Joanne, the former captain of Motif Violet, explained her departure from the organization, citing the toxic environment created within the organization, including alleged sexual harassment from the organization’s founder Jack “JawsYT.” Joanne’s allegations were later supported by her teammate, Barbora “Rebecca” Řezáčová, who referred to multiple instances of racism in her own post.

“In my time at Motif, I was sexually harassed by the org founder,” said Joanne. “It was ‘jokes’ for him, but it wasn’t for me and wouldn’t be for anyone else either (I saw it happen to many girls with my own eyes). Also telling one of your players that she is ‘boosted’ to one of her teammates and one hour before a big VCT game isn’t the most professional.”

With the majority of the organization being from the UK, Rebecca said there was “a lot of racism towards non-UK players,” including Czech players being mocked for their foreign accent. One Turkish player, “Mercy,” in particular had to deal with “targeted racism towards her,” according to Rebecca. And despite some of the harassers apologizing to the Turkish player, the racist remarks continued, Rebecca said. 

“[Mercy] has never felt comfortable in the organization itself again,” Rebecca said in her TwitLonger. “Especially because we were not allowed to have any kind of personal team space, she was basically forced to stay on one place with the same people who she knew hated her.”

Rebecca said the players were promised certain issues would be fixed, but the damage was already done. The “unpleasant” experience the team had with the organization and the founder left the players and their coach with no other choice but to leave. 

(All information was provided by Dot Esports)

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