Southeast Mayhem Hosts First-Ever Esports Event

Southeast Mayhem was organized to give gamers throughout southwestern Georgia the opportunity to compete in events where they could win $5,000 or more, all the while giving them the experience of a lifetime. Southeast Mayhem officials say they strive to be the top esports experience in South Georgia. An event was recently held at the University of Georgia’s Tifton Campus Conference Center where attendees were encouraged to network as well as play video games and compete against one another.

“Gaming has been a big industry for years and we’re finally seeing it more and more every day. For anyone that’s interested in making this a career, it is possible,” said Jonathan Day, host of Southeast Mayhem. “It is possible to go out and play your favorite game and bring a decent income in.”

The gamers got to compete in a cosplay contest, drone racing, robotics demos, and tons of tournaments. Some of the featured titles included Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Guilty Gear Strive, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and more.

(All information was provided by WALB)

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  1. I’m Liam aka Bumble, the lead PR for Southeast Mayhem. Thanks for posting this about us! ^^

    • David Barshop

      you guys did a great job!! we hope to cover more of your events in the future!!

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