1-2 Switch Is Reportedly Getting A Sequel

Despite underwhelming reviews, 1-2 Switch is reportedly getting a sequel. This news comes the way of prominent Nintendo insider, Zippo, who doesn’t have much to say about the sequel, other than that it exists.

1-2 Switch was developed by Nintendo in 2017, one of their first-party Switch exclusives. It was essentially a selling gimmick of the console, particularly its Joy-Con controllers. It wasn’t very well received, however, earning only a 59 on Metacritic, which is pretty low by Nintendo standards. Despite the negative reception, the game sold millions of copies, which was enough to warrant a sequel.

That said, for now, take this with a grain of salt as it’s an unofficial report that is subject to change even if accurate. At the moment of publishing, Nintendo hasn’t responded with any type of comment.

(All information was provided by ComicBook Gaming)

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