FTX Partners With Nerd Street Gamers

Nerd Street Gamers recently announced a partnership with the well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX US. This deal will see FTX serve as a presenting sponsor of Nerd Street Gamers’ national schedule of community events as well as the Nerd Street Championships which will take place this summer. Additionally, FTX will power all of Nerd Street’s cryptocurrency transactions.

“FTX US has a strong focus on making sure our industry – crypto – is a safe, accessible place for all types of people. That’s why as a gamer and esports fan, I’m proud to support Nerd Street’s mission likewise to bring esports to everyone,” said Brett Harrison, the President of FTX. “Their platform is unlocking a massively untapped market of gamers that want to participate but lack access and we’re excited to support their growth.”

The Nerd Street Championships is a series of esports competitions hosted across several video game titles. This year’s event will feature a prize pool of more than $500,000.

FTX has been making a lot of splashy moves in the gaming world as of late. Last year, the organization signed a ten-year, $210 million naming rights deal with TSM that saw the business rebranded to TSM FTX.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider [1,2])

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