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Cooler Master Debuts Sneaker-Shaped PC Case

Sneaker-heads rejoice! The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer Cooler Master recently announced it would be launching the Sneaker X gaming PC case shaped like… well, a sneaker. This serves as a continuation of the work done by the modder JMDF, who first came up with and submitted this design during the 2020 Case Mod World Series.

The exact size specifications of the device have not been revealed. Needless to say though, the Sneaker X is big. It also features some designs inspired by major shoe and apparel brands like Nike, Balenciaga, and Adidas.

Pricing has not been revealed for the Sneaker X. However, it is believed that interested individuals will be able to preorder the product beginning sometime during the third quarter of this year.

The Profit‘s Take:

My guess is this will cost between $500 and $1,000. I’m leaning closer to $1,000. This will re-sell at three or four times its original price like most products in the sneaker game. I talk about how excited I get about PC gaming hardware, but nobody has been bringing innovation to the PC case front, so I love seeing this. I think there’s a lot of room for innovation here. I love Cooler Master and this product.

(All information was provided by Google, HYPEBEAST, and The Verge)

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