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EsportsOne’s Free Mint For Access Card NFTs Into The Metaverse

EsportsOne recently made a free mint available on their website, which leaves on the Polygon blockchain and required crypto to claim it. Dubbed “Metalpass,” the three available passes included: standard, carbon, and gold. These essentially act as the entryway into EsportsOne’s new metaverse.

“We are launching the first esports & gaming metaverse built on an interactive virtual map with crypto tokens, an economy, and utility-based NFTs,” boasted EsportsOne on their website. “We are taking concepts of community, competition, and fandom to the next level. While we are building the foundation of the esports metaverse, you, the community, will have the tools to shape the future.

The project itself is also aiming to build digital arenas for esports events in the future.

(All information was provided by TestingCatalog)

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