Ronald McDonald House Auctions Off Digital Skins To Raises Funds For Foundation

Eight elite cyber warriors and e-sports celebs recently joined the fight to help sick kids across Sweden by donating digital gear to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House. To aid such efforts, the charity auctioned off gaming skins for CS:GO.

“Some of us are gamers and some are parents of tiny gamers,” says a rep from Nord DDB in Stockholm, which led the activation. “We noticed that people nowadays spend more and more money on digital items to differentiate themselves online, just like you’d do with clothes or sneakers IRL. So, we thought, instead of doing a traditional campaign where we just ask for donations, why not sell some of these digital artifacts that people really want? From conversations with our client at Ronald McDonald House, we learned that gaming is a big part of the kids’ everyday lives while they stay at the houses. Gaming allows them to stay connected with their friends, even when they are very sick. So, the idea felt natural. But it was also a strategic choice, to reach a completely new target audience of donors.”

All told, the event raised $7,500 through online and in-person bidding, generating ten million media impressions.

While versions of the skins remain available to all CS:GO players, the editions sold at auction—tricked out by their famous users and viewed as iconic across the gaming community—will no longer appear in competitions.

(All information was provided by Muse By Clio)

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