Zynga Blockchain Executive Praises Play-To-Earn Gaming Talent

Zynga’s blockchain aspirations are taking shape following the recent announcement that it would be releasing its first NFT this year. The organization has also made a senior marketing veteran with experience at EA and Sega, Matt Wolf, its new Vice President of Blockchain Gaming. Wolf is excited to be setting up a new team to bring a wealth of “traditional gaming” experience to the play-to-earn market.

“Off the charts in terms of economics and traditional finance firepower — incredible people,” Wolf said during a recent interview when discussing the talent in the P2E ecosystem. “Also, on the innovation side and on the technology side, it’s off the charts.”

However, he surmised many gamers’ thoughts when commenting on the gamification elements of NFT and play-to-earn games. He conceded that the level of talent with regards to gaming is “thin,” which is undoubtedly where Zynga’s credentials come into play.

Wolf’s hope is that ultimately, Zynga’s entry into play-to-earn and NFTs could breathe life into a space dominated by entry-level graphics combined with excellent tokenomics. He also said that he believes soon “the overall anti-blockchain sentiment will fizzle out.”

(All information was provided by CoinTelegraph)

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