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Cannabis Dispensaries Opening In The Metaverse

Cannabis vendors like Higher Life CBD and Kandy Girl have opened up shops in online worlds like Cryptovoxels and Decentraland, virtual territories where there’s recently been a run on real estate. Kandy Girl claims to be “the first cannabis dispensary in the metaverse,” according to the sign in front of the virtual store. The brand is owned by a Fort Lauderdale, Florida–based entrepreneur named Alina Boyce, who purchased this virtual plot for the equivalent of $13,282.50. Advertised in the very pink virtual room are gummies infused with delta-9 THC, the same stuff that makes pot psychoactive.

Behind the stand at Kandy Girl is a giant QR code, which will get you two free THC gummies sent to your house if you scan it with your phone. You do have to pay the cost of shipping, however. The future of marijuana sales in the metaverse is still unclear as to how it will function best, but Higher Life CBD CEO, Brandon Howard, has some ideas.

“It’s a different way to interact with people with e-commerce,” said Howard. “But it would be even better if you can put VR goggles on, walk into the metaverse, and walk into a real dispensary. To me, that’s really entertaining. In the metaverse, I can be the real dispensary that I want to be.”

For now, all CBD products from the metaverse are only available for sale in states where marijuana is legal. With both Howard’s and Boyce’s businesses, you have to exit the metaverse to do the actual purchasing.

(All information was provided by Slate)

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