Esports Advertising Platform Launched By FACEIT

FACEIT recently announced the launch of a brand new advertising platform aimed at esports brands called FACEIT Ads. Beyond providing companies with ad space on the FACEIT platform, this entity will act as a consultant for businesses looking to understand the global gaming community. This division of FACEIT will be led by the former Expedia executive Moritz Natalini.

“With close to 24 million users on our platform, we’ve built up an amazingly brand loyal and engaged audience. That’s why we’re extremely excited to unveil this new offering, allowing brands of all shapes and sizes to engage with an extremely important but often overlooked demographic,” said Michele Attisani, the Co-Founder of FACEIT. “By working with brands to craft bespoke campaigns, while maintaining respect for our community and their data, FACEIT will be able to grow our business and the competitive gaming sector as a whole. Moritz Natalini is the perfect person to lead FACEIT Ads.”

The FACEIT platform will leverage market insights while giving brands exposure to several new audiences and demographics. To date, the FACEIT platform reports having over 23 million users worldwide.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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