Findings From Facebook’s Games Marketing Insights Report For 2022

Facebook recently debuted its Games Marketing Insights report for 2022. This delivers new research on player trends and motivations in four major markets: the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and South Korea.

Age distribution was one of the topics covered in this study. The report showed that most new gamers skew younger than established gamers. However, South Korea saw more established players fall into the younger category when compared to newer players.

Playing time, expenditures, and motivations were the other categories discussed in this piece. In 2022, new gamers spent less time playing video games each week than established gamers. On top of that, established gamers in the US, UK, and Germany spent more money on video games weekly than new players.

One very interesting fact did come about thanks to this report. It was revealed that both new and established gamers in these four markets prefer free-to-play, ad-supported games over any other type of monetization model.

“Well, now things have to evolve and by building first-party relationships with consumers themselves, games marketers embrace a paradigm shift but they’re also offered an enormous opportunity. What it comes down to is, as discussed earlier, the ‘call and response’ data feedback loop of DR marketing and the fact that it has, until now, underpinned the success of games advertising,” said Catherine Flynn, the Director of Global Gaming, Audiences, and ESG Marketing at Meta. “But we’re in a new era of advertising and so it’s changed. We truly believe that brands can differentiate themselves from commoditized and homogeneous advertising behaviors by embracing a new shift. And importantly, that can mean the difference between a passing player and a lifetime fan.”

(All information was provided by and VentureBeat)

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