Quantum Computing Patent Filed By Esports Technologies Inc.

On February 23rd, Esports Technologies Inc. announced it had filed a patent application with claims related to modeling for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. Based upon the patent, Esports Technologies would use quantum computing to rapidly predict the expected team compositions in MOBA game matches.

The character selection process for teams is one of the most important aspects of a MOBA match. Old computer algorithms required days or even years to somewhat accurately calculate the choices made by teams. However, Esports Technologies’ quantum computing approach is expected to provide a solution in seconds.

“In esports team games, much of our modeling hinges on the composition of each team. The ability to cut through the computational complexity and predict likely team compositions within seconds could prove to be extremely beneficial,” Said COO Bart Barden. “We believe this accelerated quantum computing method developed by our dedicated quantitative analysis and modeling team may be another breakthrough innovation for Esports Technologies.”

Esports Technologies Inc. is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based gambling and wagering company that was founded in September of 2020. As of this writing, the company’s stock, which currently trades under the ticker symbol “EBET”, is valued at $7.72 per share.

(All information was provided by Google, PR Newswire, and Yahoo! Finance)

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