Fans Rank LCS Organizations From Best To Worst

In anticipation of this year’s 10th edition of the League of Legends Championship Series, Upcomer‘s Tyler Erzberger polled 2,200 fans to find out their feelings about the ten different franchises that make up the league. He asked for opinions on several topics ranging from “which LCS organization is the best at creating original content” to “which…creates the best merchandise.” Voters rated every organization from one (worst) to five (best).

The final results for the best overall franchise are:

  1. Team Liquid (4.31/5)
  2. 100 Thieves (4.17)
  3. Cloud9 (3.90)
  4. Evil Geniuses (3.88)
  5. FlyQuest (3.38)
  6. Dignitas (2.63)
  7. Golden Guardians (2.46)
  8. Immortals (2.37)
  9. TSM (2.12)
  10. Counter Logic Gaming (1.83)

(All information was provided by Upcomer)

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