Qualcomm’s New Mobile Gaming Hardware Could Mark The End Of The Console Wars

According to Qualcomm, mobile gaming, not console gaming is the future. The mobile sector has been growing much more rapidly as it stands, and the chip-making company is focused on developing gaming-focused software features for smartphones.

“New console generations [are] coming out and yet mobile gaming is actually growing at a faster rate,” said Patrick Perkins, Head of Marketing for Gaming at Qualcomm.

According to Qualcomm, mobile gaming accounted for a whopping 52% of the games industry in 2021, with console taking up a 28% share and PC gaming trailing at 20%. That’s an increase of 15% compared to the year before, continuing an upward trend in the sector. It’s also important to consider the boom in cloud gaming, especially as super-fast 5G networks become active around the world.

There’s also new hardware in the works to improve the mobile gaming experience. At its Snapdragon Summit in December 2021, Qualcomm revealed a prototype handheld console made in collaboration with Razer. At its heart is Qualcomm’s new G3x Gen 1 chipset, with the ability to run games at 144fps in 10-bit HDR via a 6.65in OLED panel. It’s a great way to envision Qualcomm’s platform-agnostic future, with the handheld able to run native Android games alongside console and PC games from the various streaming services available on Android. “It’s an aggregator of sorts,” remarked Perkins.

Though it’s not currently slated for release, the company has begun shipping developer kits to interested parties that want to develop on the upcoming platform.

(All information was provided by Tech Advisor)

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