Esports Fantasy Platform Stattrak Integrates Lightning Network

Esports fantasy platform Stattrak, through a major integration with the Lightning Network, has launched a new crypto service that enables users to receive awards and participate in tournaments using the world’s first cryptocurrency bitcoin. Stattrak, which is available as a free download on iOS and Android, allows users to build fantasy teams using players from across the esports leagues. Players secure satoshis for every round they win while receiving rewards based on their overall standings in the competition.

Stattrak works by selecting your five dream players from any roster. Every week, their real-world stats are added to your gameplay and you will be ranked based on their overall score. The platform has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to track your team’s progress and rankings. Players earn rewards after each round and at the end of the tournament.

The strategy was made possible through a strategic partnership with ZEBEDEE. ZEBEDEE is a well-known bitcoin payments solutions provider that specializes in providing bitcoin services for the gaming industry. The network offers integration technology to process transactions over the Lightning Network in a streamlined manner.

In this particular integration, ZEBEDEE’s systems help to provide efficient, low-cost microtransactions in real-time. The responsiveness of the Lightning Network is critical to ensure that gameplay remains smooth and reliable. The Lightning Network leverages private payment portals to reduce congestion and transactions costs for bitcoin users.

(All information was provided by Bitcoin Lightning)

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