FTX Appoints Steve Sadin As Head of Gaming Partnerships

FTX just announced the appointment of Steve Sadin to the newly created position, Head of Gaming Partnerships, where he will be responsible for collaborating with major gaming brands as FTX establishes a new gaming division designed to help developers launch tokens and digital asset ownership using FTX’s upcoming crypto-as-a-service platform. The platform will enable safe, compliant, and effortless blockchain integration by studios and developers, creating player-first games that will allow users to have true ownership over their assets.  

“We’re at a significant turning point in the gaming industry,” said Sadin. “FTX is bringing gaming studios and developers into the next generation of gaming by making blockchain technology safe and accessible. We’re putting players first and creating open economies powered by the blockchain that grant players true asset ownership. I am so excited that through our partnerships, we’re creating games that people will love for decades and we’re making it possible for developers to create in-game assets that players will pass down to their future grandchildren.”  

FTX Gaming will be focused on providing developers with the crypto infrastructure needed to safely and securely enable players to own, earn, buy, sell, lend, borrow, gift, and trade game assets inside and outside of the games themselves, as well as empower players to make informed decisions about where they want to spend their time and money. Steve is an avid collector of physical and digital goods, including games, comics, action figures, and books, so he understands the appeal of digital asset ownership and exchangeability, and why it is so important for games in the future. In his new role, Steve’s goal is to create open economy games on the blockchain that players will love for decades. 

Steve began his career in the games industry as a professional Magic the Gathering player. Prior to launching Game of Thrones: Conquest, Steve held leadership roles at Sega where he fulfilled a childhood dream of working on Sonic the Hedgehog by operating Sonic Dash, which has 300+ million lifetime installs. Steve’s experience running original IP includes PlayDots (acquired by Take-Two), where he launched and operated the beloved puzzle game TwoDots, a title that has been played by over 100 million players across the globe. He has also worked on top global IP including Batman, WWE, The Walking Dead, and Twilight, among others. 

(All information was provided by M Group Strategic Communications)

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