Kotaku’s GMG Union Wins Labor Struggle

The labor organization behind Kotaku, GMG Union, just announced a victory in its recent struggle with G/O Media. GMG Union had been on strike over a dispute concerning wages and working conditions during the first week of March. In addition to Kotaku, GMG Union represents various properties of G/O Media including Jalopnik, Lifehacker, and Gizmodo.

GMG Union asked people not to click on or contribute content to any of those sites in the wake of the walkout. Union members voiced displeasure over multiple issues, but after a long four days, both sides worked out an agreement, pending a ratification vote by union members.

“We want to thank everyone who joined us on the picket line, our vocal supporters on social media, and those who gave to our GoFundMe,” wrote the Union. “Your donations have ensured that none of our staffers and regular contractors had to lose a full paycheck to fight for a fair contract.”

The list of achievements in this labor struggle includes “higher salary minimums for all positions” and “trans-inclusive healthcare” along with a 3% annual raise, 15 weeks of parental leave, 12 weeks of severance, greater workplace diversity, stronger editorial independence, and guarantees against forced relocation.

(All information was provided by TheGamer)

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