Take-Two’s J Moses Joins GRID Esports As An Advisor

GRID Esports recently announced that the Director of Take-Two Interactive, J Moses, had joined the organization as a strategic advisor. In this role, Moses will support GRID as it introduces its flagship data platform to the global gaming community. Additionally, he will work to educate game publishers on the uses and benefits of these types of data platforms.

“Data is an asset. Over the years spent in gaming, entertainment, and sports, I have learned the incredible value that wisely managed, and properly utilized data can offer. Data has proven its power in traditional sports but I believe it can exceed these results in competitive gaming. The variety of touchpoints digital entertainment offers creates a massive opportunity, but not without its own challenges to overcome,” Moses said. “The GRID Data Platform is the only solution I have seen thus far that provides the necessary tools to seamlessly integrate, and what’s even more important to operate at scale. It is clearly visible that it has been created for the gaming industry.”

J Moses has over 25 years of experience in the gaming/entertainment industry including 13 years with Take-Two Interactive. Beyond that, he has worked at several well-known firms including OptIn Studios, Bet.Works, ReadyUp, and more.

GRID Esports is a video game data platform that was founded in September of 2018. In 2021 alone, the organization processed information from 17,905 esports matches spread across 362 video game tournaments.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider, GRID Esports, and LinkedIn)

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