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Unity To Co-Host Music Festivals With New Partner Insomniac Events

Unity recently announced a partnership with live music firm Insomniac Events, the company behind festival brands including Electric Daisy Carnival and Wonderland. The two companies say they will bring “a brand new, persistent metaverse world to its fans community where they can gather and engage virtually for live music performances regardless of location.”

Insomniac’s latest public stats show it produces 10,000 concerts, club nights, and festivals, attracting seven million attendees a year, so it should have the clout to do something interesting in the metaverse.

It also has some prior experience, having worked with Roblox in October 2021 on a virtual version of Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. The experience has been visited more than 5.1m times. Insomniac was also an early adopter of Twitch and has been regularly ranked among that platform’s top music channels.

(All information was provided by Music Ally)

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