Agora Showcases Live Audio And Video Technology For Gaming At GDC 2022

Agora Inc., a pioneer and leading platform for real-time engagement APIs, was featured in an exhibit at the 2022 Game Developer Conference (GDC), the game industry’s premier event that brings together the development community to exchange ideas, solve problems, and shape the future of the industry.

To showcase the value of real-time audio and video technology, Agora hosted two virtual speaker sessions. The first, titled “Increase Engagement Stickiness and Revenue Opportunities with Real-Time Voice and Video,” had Ben Weekes (Senior Architect and Principal Engineer for Agora) explore how embedding real-time voice and video into games can boost engagement, growth, and revenue opportunities. Ben also demonstrated how to easily integrate the highest-quality spatial audio and live video into a 3D gaming engine.

“Games with real-time voice and video are more intriguing to users because they feel more real,” said Weekes. “Developers who learn how to add live audio and video technology will have a greater advantage as we continue to meet the demand for more real-life virtual gaming experiences.”

For the second virtual session, titled “The Magic that Makes the Metaverse Feel Real,” Hermes Frangoudis (Director of Developer Relations for Agora) spoke on the evolution of virtual interactions, discussing the requirements for real-time digital engagement in virtual worlds and how networking technology has evolved to meet these demands. The session took a deep dive beyond the hype, examining real-world examples to understand how edge computing and real-time networks are the magic that powers the metaverse.

Agora’s GDC exhibition was meant to help developers with two key challenges: how to increase connectivity and user engagement globally as we progress the development of the metaverse and digital connectivity, as well as how useful real-time audio and video technology is for increasing engagement and revenue. 

(All information was provided by Cision PR Newswire)

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