Unity Gaming Services To Launch In June

Unity Gaming Services is graduating from its open beta to an official launch this coming June. The UGS suite includes a variety of end-to-end solutions from cloud-based backend, to powerful analytics that give a 360-degree view of developers’ players, to full-stack multiplayer solutions unlocking all game genres – all of which are integrated within a monetization platform that powers their success. This is exciting news for the UGS beta developing community, who will see some very exciting new additions for the June launch, including:

  • Analytics: Allowing studios to better understand game performance and player behaviors using prebuilt dashboards and visualizations powered by reliable, real-time data.
  • Authentication: Allowing studios to assign an account to players coming into your game and attach all the data generated by the backend products to each player.
  • Cloud Code: Allowing studios to write stateless server-side code on a fully managed infrastructure and isolate your game logic away from the client device. 
  • Cloud Save: Allowing studios to track and store player data including player abilities, statistics, and more, enabling cross-device accounts for your players.
  • Economy: Providing studios with an easy way to create, manage, and publish an in-game economy system.
  • Relay: A service that allows players to connect and enjoy immersive multiplayer gaming – all without needing a dedicated game server.
  • Lobby: A flexible solution that connects players in custom private or public rooms to enable great multiplayer gaming experiences.
  • Player Engagement and Game Overrides: Enabling creators to holistically transform their games after launch. Reduce churn, re-engage lapsed players, and delight loyal fans with fresh in-game experiences. Game Overrides is currently live, as well as its integration with Cloud Content Delivery. More integrations with Game Overrides, including Economy, are coming soon.
  • Vivox: Enables an E2E communication solution for multiplayer games on mobile, PC, and Console.

In addition to the upcoming product launches, Unity will be releasing a new set of tools into beta in June to provide even more support for their developer communities in creating and managing their games. 

(All information was provided by Unity)

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