Sony Adding Variable Refresh Rate Monitor Support To PlayStation 5 Games

In a recent blog post, Sony announced that they will be adding variable refresh rate monitor support to the PS5 in an upcoming software update. Better known as G-Sync or FreeSync depending on whether you’re running an Nvidia or AMD setup, variable refresh rate allows a screen to refresh its panel at exactly the same time that your graphics processor renders a new video frame. This means that whether the screen is refreshing 30 times a second or 120, it’s showing a single frame of animation every time, preventing screen tearing and other visual artifacts.

According to Sony’s announcement, the variable refresh rate on the PlayStation 5 will require a TV or gaming monitor with HDMI 2.1 compatibility as well as software support on individual games. Previously released PS5 games can be patched to add support, but Sony hopes that future titles will support VRR from day one. VRR can be manually applied to un-patched PS5 games but might result in visual issues.

Plenty of PC gamers invest thousands into their setups and play both PC games and console games at their desk at the highest fidelity. So this will come as welcome news to those who’ve connected both their PC and their PS5 to a pricey new gaming display.

(All information was provided by Dot Esports and PCWorld)

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