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Report: 90% Of Gamers Say PCs Offer A Better Experience Than Mobile Phones

A recent study was published by HP India called the 2021 Gaming Landscape Report. In this document, it was revealed that nine out of ten gamers believe PCs offer a better gaming experience than mobile phones.

On top of that, the report showed that many mobile gamers are open to moving over to PCs. In fact, 37% of responders said that they would want to shift from mobile gaming to PC gaming for a better experience. Moreover, 54% of those interviewed said they believe PCs have better graphics, technology, and processing speeds than smartphones.

“It’s not exclusive that you only game on mobile or only game on a laptop,” said HP India’s Senior Director Vickram Bedi. “There are some games that suit themselves very well to the mobile form factor and some games are very well suited to the PC form factor. Sometimes, the same game is ported on both (platforms) and you have different abilities and different expertise levels on the two games. All of these things have led to an explosion on the demand side.”

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This is undoubtedly the most important and most obvious news of the week.

(All information was provided by The Indian Express)

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