Gaming Giant Unity Opens New Offices In Calgary

Unity Technologies cut the ribbon on 25,000 square feet for the new Innovation Centre for Digital Transformation in Calgary, Canada. The opening of the office was delayed by a year due to the pandemic, but the new location expands the company, which already has space in Montreal and Vancouver.

“We had a vision and I couldn’t be more proud of the execution,” said Ryan Peterson, Vice-President of Accelerate Solutions and the lead executive for the Calgary office. “We felt it was important to remain committed to Calgary and Alberta during unprecedented times. One of our key values is ‘in it together,’ that partnership with the local community is key.”

Unity is an online platform company that specializes in virtual and augmented realities. It is most well known for developing the technology and platform for the massive global online game Pokemon Go, which sent hordes of people around their community looking for virtual gyms to unlock new Pokemon characters. The platform is still used for game development and toys, including a partnership with Lego that allows people to turn their tablet into a virtual cockpit for a new line of construction equipment builds based on real-world controls. Currently, 70% of the mobile gaming market is powered by Unity.

Calgary’s office will become a major development hub for the sector. It currently has 60 employees with plans to grow to 150 within 12 months. The new office is unlike anything else in the province and represents a major shift in design for a workspace. The office is geared toward flexibility, inclusivity (including a nursing room for new moms) and work environment, allowing for remote and in-office production. Everything in the space has been designed with creativity in mind, from 12-foot ceilings to uneven walls, and even the selection of occupying the fourth floor so as not to lose connection with the city below. The office is set up to not just be a space for Unity and its clients, but also for startups and other innovating companies to develop their ideas.

Calgary Economic Development has committed $3.5 million over three years through its investment fund for Unity to hit specified goals of growth and hiring.

(All information was provided by The Calgary Herald)

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